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Frequently Asked Questions:
What services do you provide?
Stir Your Imagination is a Full Service Painting and Finishes Business that provides the following services: Faux Finishes, Regular Interior Base Painting, Venetian Plaster, Faux Wallpaper Patterns, Faux Stone, Faux Marble, Faux Leather, Faux Tile Backsplashes, Metallic Finishes, Lusterstone.....HandPainted Decorative Accents for all rooms in your home or business...Children's Rooms, Kitchens, Foyers, Bedrooms, Powder Rooms, etc!

Do you do regular base painting without the fancy painting!?
Yes, we do! Jim DeBiase is an experienced, conscientious painter who will work very hard to ensure that your room is painted to perfection! He is certified by the Paint Quality Institute and as one customer stated 'He is very dependable.' Our prices are very competitive so please let us give you a FREE ESTIMATE! If you hire Stir Your Imagination to do a faux finish in your home or office, we will offer you a discount on the base painting if it is needed.

What are the benefits of faux painting?
Visual depth and dimension can be added to flat surfaces. Wall finish problems can be resolved or minimized. Architectural features like niches & tray ceilings can be enhanced. Faux can easily be matched to your existing décor. You will have a one of a kind finish that reflects your personality. Add color, texture, and life to you walls. Coordinate your home to create an atmosphere that reflects your personality! Faux Finishing is an art. Everyone has a different style. Make sure you are getting the finish you want to enjoy looking at for years to come and remember excellence is never an accident!

What advantages does Faux Finishing have over wallpaper?
The biggest advantage is the ability to customize a look for you. Faux is” a la carte”. You can pick the style, movement, and design and have it in the color of your choice. You can add textured elements or painted designs as well as add layers of metallics or glazes.
The second biggest advantage is when you want a new look; it can be painted over without the hassle of removing wallpaper, patching & priming the wall first. There are no visible seams, no repeated patterns, and no worries of peeling or hidden mold. Faux Finishing is a wonderful wallpaper alternative.
How much does it cost?
Prices are typically calculated on a square footage price based on the desired finish. Finishes range in price depending on prep work needed, materials, time, and number of layers involved. With so many options, we are able and will work within all budgets. There are no jobs that are 'too small'. Complimentary estimates are provided and sample boards will be made in your colors and finish choice for approval once a deposit has been made.

Before I Faux what should I consider?
Before you begin your project take into consideration all aspects of the room. Does the ceiling or trim need repainted? Do you want to change the light fixtures or the towel and toilet paper holders? Would you like to get a different mirror or change your artwork or window treatments? Now is the time. These considerations factor into the prep work and the selecting of colors.


At what point do I need to bring the Faux Finisher in when building or remodeling?
The earlier you bring in your faux finisher the better. The finish will determine the prep work required as well as the color, and the sheen level of base paint needed. The flat sheen level of paint commonly used in construction is not conducive to many faux finishes and may need to be painted over even if it is the right color. For the actual faux work to begin it is best to schedule the decorative painter after all the other contractors have completed their work. This reduces the chances of additional touch ups needed which are very common with construction. It is easier to do a touch up at the base paint level than after several layers of faux. We are equipped to cover and protect your new carpets, counter tops, or cabinetry.

What happens at the initial consultation and what are the following steps?
Melissa DeBiase, Faux Artist, comes to your home with her portfolio loaded with numerous pictures and real samples for you to get an idea of the variety of work that can be done and to find out your style preferences. Measurements are taken of the proposed project areas and then an estimate is submitted. Once the customer decides to go forward with the project, a signed contract and a deposit fee insures new samples created in your colors and finish of choice as well as booked calendar time. Customized samples are brought back to your home for viewing and final selection. Lighting can have a big effect on colors, so it is best to see the samples in the actual lighting of your room.

Do you pay close attention to details?
We pay VERY close attention to details for all of our painting projects! If requested, we will paint the necessary covers (switches, outlets & vents) to match the project and reduce visibility. We use professional grade products to ensure the best quality of our work.

How long does it take?
Each finish takes different amounts of time based on the square footage, the number of openings, the number of layers and drying time required for each finish. Additional small projects can sometimes be done at the same time to reduce overall project time and cost.

What makes Stir Your Imagination different than other Faux Finishing companies?
We strive for customer satisfaction and thrive on attention to detail in all the work we do. We have years of experience in the art of faux and we train annually with the nations best faux artists to keep up with the current trends and products. We provide sample boards for the client to view in their lighting to avoid possible miscommunication and we provide a touch up kit for future unexpected needs. We work flexible hours to match our clients schedule and use quality products that will last. We have many previous customers who would love to offer their  testimonials of our work!

Should I paint my ceiling?
Ceilings are now considered the “5th wall” and can enhance the new atmosphere you are creating. It can be painted a solid color or can be done in a corresponding faux treatment. Faux treatments on ceilings are priced higher than walls due to the extra steps or difficulty involved.

Can I do the prep work to save money?
If you are concerned about your budget or are handy and would like to do your own prep work, let us know. There are different options to save money such as doing the base painting or priming. Prep-work takes time and attention to detail for the finished product to come out right. A prep-sheet with directions can be provided and we will let you know what color and sheen level you need for the paint. If we do not do the prep-work, we are not responsible for previous runs, drips, unpatched holes in the wall, or caulking the trim.

What about my trim?
The trim is not included in the price of the faux for the wall unless specifically stated. The trim can remain the color of the rest of the trim in the house for continuity, or can be painted a coordinating color to the faux to set the room apart as something special. Semi-gloss sheen level is recommended.

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